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Sunday, January 14, 2018

Reusable Items you may Donate or Find in our Facility

NOTE: The Reuse Room is no longer active.

Here are some reusable items you can FIND in our Reuse Room. Use this list as an example of items you may DONATE for reuse:

  •  artificial flowers,
  •  bags/purses,
  •  baskets,
  •  binders,
  •  bottle caps,
  •  bows,
  •  buckets,
  •  buttons,
  •  calendars,
  •  CDs/DVDs,
  •  CD/DVD cases,
  •  children's books,
  •  corks,
  •  corner protectors,
  •  costumes,
  •  craft books,
  •  craft material,
  •  cups,
  •  egg cartons,
  •  envelopes,
  •  fabric,
  •  felt,
  •  finger/washable paints,
  •  glass jars,
  •  glass/plastic bottles,
  •  glue,
  •  greeting cards,
  •  hangers,
  •  hanging folders,
  •  keys,
  •  labels,
  •  light bulbs,
  •  magazines,
  •  manila folders,
  •  metal/plastic containers,
  •  milk/water/juice jugs,
  •  newspapers,
  •  office organizers, 
  •  paper clips,
  •  paper tubes,
  •  picture frames,
  •  pine cones,
  •  postcards,
  •  potpourri,
  •  printable cards,
  •  ribbons,
  •  scrapbooking albums/pages/paper,
  •  shells,
  •  shoeboxes,
  •  stencils,
  •  stickers,
  •  toilet paper/paper towel core,
  •  toys/games including LEGOS and puzzles,
  •  transparency paper,
  •  variety of plastics,
  •  wooden/paper/metal boxes,
  •  yarn,
 and MORE!

All materials must be EMPTY, CLEAN, and DRY as they will be stored in our Reuse Room until it finds a new purpose. Our space is limited and if we have too many of certain items, we will not be able to accept more of those items until what we have stored finds a new home. Thank you for understanding.

We CANNOT TAKE LARGE ITEMS like sofas, tables, TVs, desks, etc. You may choose to donate those to A+ Thrift Shop for Education, Brevard Restore, Brevard Humane Society Thrift Stores, SPCA Thrift Stores, Sharing Center of Central Brevard, South Brevard Sharing Center, Sharing Center Merritt Island Thrift Store, and North Brevard Charities Sharing Center and the Women's Center of Brevard.

We are a drop-off location for ELECTRONICS through a partnership with local organizations that recycle them FREE of charge. For more information, visit our page on Electronics.

We accept SINGLE-USE ALKALINE BATTERIES only. NO LEAKING batteries will be accepted - please, place those in your regular trash; LIMITED to 10 alkaline batteries per household per box - we want everyone to have the opportunity to recycle their batteries. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding!

We do NOT accept RECHARGEABLE BATTERIES. They can be taken to Lowe's Home Improvement or Batteries Plus Bulbs or Home Depot.

We also accept specific types of HARD-TO-RECYCLE MATERIALS for recycling though TerraCycle​ to help divert as much as possible from the landfills. The list of what we currently collect is on our  TerraCycle page.

If you would like to donate FULL INK cartridges, our printer model is HP OfficeJet Pro 6970 (Black or color). Printer paper for our office is always welcome as well.

Contact us if you would like to donate an item that you are not sure if would fit in the categories listed here. We will be happy to let you know if we can accept it. THANK YOU for your support!

Recycle Brevard! 

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