Programs & Projects

Our Past Projects helped us toward our main goal of getting the word out. If you have ideas for other projects, please contact us at We would like to hear them!
These are the programs available and the projects Recycle Brevard is currently working on. We invite you to support our efforts to increase the practice of the 3Rs - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle through educational programs and projects.

Connect to Help Protect - A 3Rs and Beyond Program Series

http://www.3RsAndBeyond.orgThe goal of the Connect to Help Protect program series is to assist reestablishing the connection between individuals and the natural world to help them better understand the impact that their actions have on the environment and on lives. It engages participants and facilitates their transition to become agents of change in our community.

Book a program, become a partner!
Learn more at Anglers for Conservation partners with 3Rs and Beyond and contact us.

NWEI Discussion Courses

Because sharing ideas and information is important to understand the world we live in - and to change it too!

We have selected a few books from Northwest Earth Institute and offer discussion courses throughout the year at our facility in Rockledge. We believe that this informal learning and growing experience is essential for an active community. New perspectives are injected in the discussion to stimulate critical thinking and individual action. This is a thinking cap model of class for grown-ups.

For information on how to participate, review our Calendar, visit our Facebook page or email us at

The Cork Project

It started as a collection for Viera High School 3D Art class in 2013 that culminated in an art show at the Art Gallery of Viera in April 2014 but we are still collecting and using corks in our projects and sharing corks with whoever needs them!

We placed bins in different venues to collect wine corks. Total Wine and More in Viera still has our collection bin where anyone can deposit their used corks. We come to empty the bin and bring bags of corks back.

Some of other projects we created with those corks were racing cars at GrilleFest 2015, reindeer for Manatee's Environmental Club, and free bobbers (or any craft, really) for fishing distributed at Ocean Reef Beach Festival 2015.

The collection is ongoing, so if you are in need of some corks, contact us at

Free Collection and Distribution of Reusable Items

Currently picking up reusable items (such as rope, pieces of Styrofoam, nursery pots, and egg cartons) from Elastec American Marine, Keep Brevard Beautiful Central Chapter, neighbors, and friends to take to Brevard County Farmer's Market, The Reusable Resources Adventure Center, and various schools in Brevard County -- among those are Viera High School, Manatee Elementary, and Brevard Community College Montessori School.

If you have items that you think could be reused and would like to donate or if you need used items (rejects, scraps, or simply not new) for projects, contact us at and we will see how we can help.

Preschool and Early Elementary (Kindergarten through Third Grade) Program

We have prepared a program for children (pre-K through 3rd grade) that introduces the concepts of reusing and recycling. As part of the program we read a story, do an activity, and make a badge.

We bring all the material used and from start to finish the program takes about 1h. The recommended group size is 15 children, but as long as we have space to have all children sitting in a circle, the group could be a little bigger.

The program also includes a copy of a "letter to parents" for each child who participates so teachers can inform families about the extra activity offered in class and send home more information on reusing/recycling to get parents involved.

We have presented part of this program at the Autism Awareness Festival 2012 in April 2012 and starting May 2012 we have been to preschools to do the full program. The first two preschools we visited were Mustard Seed Kidz and Coral Reef Academy. We also went to Brevard Community College Montessori School during the summer of 2012 and had the chance to not only present this program there, but also to do multiple activities with the children reusing various materials.

We are doing this on a volunteer basis and would like to visit more schools. We would love to come to your school if you have the time and are interested in covering the topic with your students. To learn more, please contact us at

Feel free to pass on this information to anyone you think might be interested. We would like to bring this program to as many schools as possible.

Thank you!

Every Second Saturday of the Month - Recycling at Beach Clean-Up

We bring our recycle bin and sign to collect any recyclables found during the Monthly Pelican Beach Clean Up in Satellite Beach Florida and participate in cleaning up that section of the beach. Always a great opportunity to take wonderful pictures and reconnect with nature!