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Office/Recraft Bazaar regular hours:  Sat 11am-5pm (always check our CALENDAR before planning a visit)

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Recycle Brevard is participating in several TerraCycle recycling programs. 

TerraCycle uses a point system and some of their programs may reward shipments with points depending on the size of the shipment. Each point is worth $0.01 and each program has its own rules. Some programs may use shipments to donate $ to specific charities other than Recycle Brevard, as it is the case of the contact lenses program. Other programs may not result in any points at all - they simply offer the opportunity to recycle a specific item that would otherwise end up in the trash, as it is the case of the Hasbro Toys, instrument string, SOLO cup programs among others.

To help divert as much waste as possible from the landfills, Recycle Brevard participates in as many programs as possible regardless of whether points may be awarded or not.

We invite everyone to participate and help us divert more from our landfills. Participation for individuals or businesses/organizations is totally FREE of charge.


> Individuals
As individuals, you may save any of the HARD-TO-RECYCLE waste we collect and bring it to our facility any time convenient to you. If not during our open hours, you may deposit your TerraCycle items in the bin located outside our door. We will pick it up from there.

You may also drop off your TerraCycle items at one of our drop-off locations. Check out our list of drop-off locations and what they accept.

Other drop-off locations may become available in the future as we secure locations and volunteers to help with this effort. 
> Businesses and Organizations
As businesses and organizations, you may become a drop-off location for employees, members, or the public in general. Through our project, TerraCycle with Recycle Brevard, we work with you to create a successful drop-off location at your office, campus, building, or complex.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

Currently Accepted Hard-to-Recycle Items

To view the current list of accepted hard-to-recycle waste, view the table below. Click the button below to view a printable version of the list.

View and print the list below
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