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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Sharing Tables in Brevard Schools

Good news from Brevard Public Schools (BPS): The office of Food and Nutrition Services (FNS) is encouraging schools to establish sharing tables as a means to minimize food waste generated in school cafeterias.

In a memo sent to principals in November 2017, BPS Food and Nutrition Services Director Kevin Thornton lays out the guidelines schools must follow in order to establish sharing tables for "unopened, pre-packaged, whole food or beverage items that [children] choose not to consume" so students may share those items with other children who would like additional servings.

By adhering to the guidelines, schools should be able to reduce food waste while still maintaining the level of safety necessary in school cafeterias.

Sharing table items not consumed by students may be donated to non-profit organizations, thus making a positive impact in our communities as well.

Sharing tables seem to be a win-win way to deal with leftovers from school cafeterias -- instead of heading to the landfill, leftovers will help fill up extra tummies!

If your school would like to establish a sharing table, the first step is to review the official guidelines and then contact FNS at 321-633-1000 ext. 690

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