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Friday, June 7, 2024

Sustainable Shopping Choices

Do you know the feeling of switching to a product that seems more eco-friendly…only to realize your new habit is worse in other ways?

Sustainability is never straightforward.

This website provides an overview of conscious consumerism. I had taken an interest in fair trade to combat human trafficking while in high school. Quickly, it became clear that living wages were not the only way to choose better products. So dilemmas presented themselves- what should we sacrifice? Prioritize? Ignore?

As a student, the intended audience was originally students at Florida Institute of Technology, but it's scope gradually expanded. I hope almost anyone wanting to know more about conscientious consumerism can learn from it. 

I was acutely aware of students’ distrust in the recycling process. An FAQ attempts to address some of the questions about recycling and plastics. Alternatives to traditional recycling or landfills are also shared. 

I still do not hold the key. This website is not a “buy this, not that” cheat sheet. It attempts to distill the main issues into brief bullets. Expect this to be the start of your journey, not the end.

 A special thank you to Recycle Brevard’s Marcia Booth for helping research and edit the drafts.

~ Guest Post by Anya Johnson, Recycle Brevard Volunteer

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