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Friday, November 6, 2015

I cannot save the Recycled Art Show registration form in Acrobate Reader

After you download the registration form PDF file to your local machine, you should be able to type in the fields and save the filled out form unless Acrobat Reader says differently.

When you open the PDF on your local machine, make sure you see something like this in the Reader saying that you can save the completed form:
Inline image 2

If you do not see that, you are probably running an older version of the Reader  (i.e. X or earlier). You can choose to update your Reader to the latest version and that should solve the issue for you.
To update your Reader, select Help | Check for Updates... from the Reader menu.
Once the latest version is installed -- version XI or later -- you should see something similar to the green banner above when opening the registration form PDF file.

If you have Reader X installed, you can follow the instructions from video below to save the PDF:
Other alternatives for you:
- Type and print the form and then scan it/take a picture to email it to us
- Type and print form to a PDF printer (like PrimoPDF) and email the generated PDF to us
- Type and use Windows Snipping Tool to save an image of the filled out form and email the image to us
- Print the blank form and fill it out and then scan it/take a picture to email it to us

Thank you for being so patient and please let us know if you have any more trouble in regards to the form submission. 

Remember to print a copy of the completed form to attach to and submit with your artwork.

We look forward to having you in our Recycled Art Show!

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