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Monday, April 30, 2012

Recycling at the Autism Awareness Festival

Recycle Brevard was invited by Space Coast Early Intervention Center to participate in the Autism Awareness Festival this year and do a demonstration on recycling.

Set up started at 9am. We had informational material for the table, a craft (weaving plastic bottles,) and a game (bottle-cap tossing) for the kids to have fun while learning about reusing and recycling. It was very windy and our poster board (made out of a cardboard box) was hard to stand on the table.

The festival was from 10am to 2pm and a lot of families passed by. Cyclists also came by after cycling in the Cycle Jam cycling event that was also held at Florida Institute of Technology (FIT.) Both events were to benefit SCEIC.

At the table we collected a lot of recyclables, mainly cans and bottles. That was another opportunity to educate residents since some tried to place plastic cups, paper cups, straws, and napkins in the bin. Another chance to go over what can be recycled in Brevard County.

We were also making pinch bowls out of plastic bottles and ribbons. That was a good activity for the children to work on their fine motor skills. Student volunteers helped with that (and also with holding the poster boards on the table...) One boy did the craft and then placed it in the recycle bin -- that's right; that is where plastic bottles should go! But I rescued that one out of the bin.

A parent volunteer came to help and she took the bottle-cap-tossing game to the grassy area next to the bounce house and crafts tent. All children got stickers for trying and they celebrated the caps they tossed into the half-bottles affixed to the board.  A simple game that made a lot of them smile.

At 11am was the demonstration. A few kids gathered around to listen to a story (Why should I recycle? by Jen Green) and help separating the garbage into recyclables and trash. It was the first time we did an activity like that, but I am sure it will not be the last.

Towards the end of the day Easter Seals Florida, Debbie Danner, approached me with the idea of having a presentation at their facility to bring information and activities to the adults who utilize their vocational services in Palm Bay. Let's see how things develop and maybe we can create a program for them.

For many reasons, it was a very good day and the rain came down just at the right time: right after the event was over and most tables were put away. We do not get that lucky every day!

Recycle Brevard!

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