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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Spoon-Art Silent Auction

The silent auction at Redberry's closed our Make Art, Not Trash! project in partnership with Redberry and Viera High School.

The project was really great and we were lucky to have a lot of support coming from the community!

Thank you to all Redberry customers who participated in the project by placing their spoons in the collection bins.

Thank you to Redberry’s Manager, Loanna Pham, who made the collection of used spoons possible and supported the project all the way through.

Thank you to Dr. West, Viera High School 3D Art teacher, who agreed with using Redberry’s recycled spoons in her class to produce art pieces.

Thank you to all Viera High School students who so enthusiastically embraced and participated in this project producing amazing pieces of art! Student-Artists who were part in this project:

· Artidiello, Joshua

· Lucas, Amy

· Benitez, Luis

· Lucas, Cecilia

· Bierman, Bradley

· Mazzone, Rachael

· Brooks, Kolt

· Mcintyre, Amber

· Cassidy, Colin

· Morgan, Haleigh

· Darr, Ruben

· Najemnik, Matthew

· Gaherty, Elizabeth

· Ozimek, Quinten

· Grazier, Morgan

· Paulino, Joaquim

· Guo, Xiao

· Pharmer, Rebecca

· Hennis, Mackenzie

· Placke, Colin

· Herring, Marvin

· Rader, Nicholas

· Hobson, Drew

· Santos, Mary

· Howe, Ryley

· Siperko, Joseph

· Jackson, Lindsay

· Veltri, Nicholas

· Johnson-Williams, Terreon

· Wendling, Michelle

· Lozano, Leah

· Wyrick, Cassandra

Each one of you helped reduce the amount of trash sent to our landfill and in turn created really unique pieces of art that our community has now the opportunity to appreciate. Thank you!

And finally, thank you for the ones who were able to participate placing your bids. Bidders have already been contacted and they should pick up their sculptures at Redberry's after emailing me. All the proceeds will go to the Viera High School Art Department and that will help Art teachers and students alike!

Until the next project...

Recycle Brevard!

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