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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Make Art, Not Trash!

Recycle Brevard! is partnering with Redberry in a recycling project to REUSE Redberry’s PLASTIC SPOONS in sculptures created by 3D Art students from Viera High School.
  • Plastic spoons are NOT recyclable and they go straight to the landfills.
  • Landfills are expensive to build and maintain, and not many people would like to live next to one.
  • In order to maximize the existing landfills and avoid needing to create new ones, we must reduce what gets sent to them.
  • One of the ways to reduce what gets sent to landfills is by reusing materials, repurposing items to get at least one more use out of them.
The goal of this project is to extend the life of those colorful spoons and use them as raw material for creating beautiful sculptures that will decorate Redberry’s walls.

The collection bins are ready and will be delivered to Redberry's at The Avenue this week, by Friday Sepetember 9th, and we will be collecting spoons throughout the month of September.

If you would like to participate, on your next visit to Redberry's please give your spoons a quick wipe and deposit them in the designated bins. Thank you!

Recycle Brevard!

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