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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Recycling Bins of Paris, Where are you?

On our first week in Paris we decided to go look for tickets for the weekend. We took a walk in the 2e. arrondissement up to the Place de L'Opera and Rue La Fayette. It is a 20min walk from where we are and after all the croissants, baguettes, crepes and wine we needed the walk.

Since the building where we are staying does not provide recycling bins, we filled up a plastic bag with our recyclables and decided to bring the bag with us -- we were certain we would see a recycling bin somewhere along the way where we could deposit our items.

We walked in the area for about three hours and the only two small bins we could find were totally full. We carried our bag of recyclables all the way and ended up bringing it back with us again; no bins to be found. Why is it so hard to find bins? The only place we have seen them are at children's playgrounds. Why would that be? It is good to have them there to teach the children to recycle, but have they given up on the adults? Well, let's see what I learn about recycling in Paris during our stay.

Recycle Brevard!

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