1535 Cogswell Street Unit C-15 - Rockledge, Florida - 32955     321-220-3379  

Facility regular hours: Mon-Thu 3-6pm (always check our CALENDAR before planning a visit)


Our Reuse Room was created to help extend the life of unwanted materials, diverting those from the landfill while offering the community access to more affordable materials that can be used in projects. 

Our Recycling Club Memberships are available to both Individuals and Organizations as a more convenient and economic way to donate and help divert materials from the landfill. The various options should cover most needs.All memberships follow a the same set of General Membership Rules.

To join the club, a minimum donation is required. Use the form below or visit our facility to have your membership card issued and make your donation. Contact us for more information.
Recycling Club Membership Types & Conditions 

Benefit: One bag/visit; one visit/month 

Benefit: Two bags/visit; one visit/month

Benefit: One bag/visit; two visits/month

Benefit: Four bags per visit; two visits/month

Benefit: One bag per visit and one toy swap/visit; one visit/month; discounted extra swaps
•    Toy Swap Add-on rules apply

Benefit: Five bags per visit; one visit/month; eligible to 1h of open Studio time/month on scheduled dates
•    Art Studio location , days and times may vary and be selected at our discretion
•    Locations will depend on availability and number of members signed up

>> Specials <<
Benefit: Donate bags of material five times and get one free bag of materials
•    Donations of at least one bag each must be in five separate days to count toward membership
•    Materials donated must be appropriate for Reuse Room or store, not Terracycle or other recycling projects
•    Free bag of materials must be claimed within a month from the date the fifth bag is donated
•    Unclaimed bags will be forfeited

R Bag
Benefit: Free bicolor Recycle Brevard tote bag and four bags of material; discounted bags of material using R bag

Toy Swap Add-on
•    Must be a member to take advantage of Toy Swap Add-on
•    Swaps will be one-for-one and for toys of equivalent value
•    Swap and bag must be done in the same visit
•    Unused swaps will not be rolled over to be claimed in future visits

Benefit: Eight bags/visit; one visit/month
•    Ideal for clubs and community groups

Benefit: Ten bags/visit; two visits/month
•    Ideal for school PTO, Art and Science departments

Benefit: Unlimited bags four times a year
•    Ideal for organizations that offer camps and other seasonal programs

Benefit: Business logo displayed on Partners page of Recycle Brevard’s website; ten bags/visit; two visits/month; may request specific material search/hold
•    Ideal for partner organizations that organize events, art/science classes, workshops, camps and such