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Ten For Ten

It all started in 2021...
To help celebrate Recycle Brevard's 10th anniversary and Earth Day, we launched the Ten For Ten Collection Challenge in 2021 to involve the community in removing items from the waste stream, diverting more from our landfills as a gift to the Earth.

And now...
it is a Lagoon Loyal program and an annual Earth Day celebration challenge.

Join the effort! If you would like to help with this effort, please sign up online or contact our Volunteer Coordinator to sign up for a slot on the drop-off day. We hope to have great community participation and will need volunteers to assist receiving items, sorting, packing, weighing, dropping off boxes of materials. Our drop-off date is Sunday, April 30 from 11am to 3pm.


Ten For Ten Collection Challenge is a county-wide collection effort to divert recyclables from the landfill.

Main Goals
  • Divert at least 10 lbs of recyclable waste per household
  • Raise awareness of the recycling programs currently available through Recycle Brevard
  • Recycle at least 2,200 lbs of waste in that month; gather 220 participants
  • Help the community celebrate Earth Day by taking meaningful action

Accepted recyclable items:

  1. Electronics (no printers, monitors or TVs)
  2. Metal (other than food/drink cans - e.g. household items like metal pans, cooking sheets, small garage items leftover from projects)
  3. Plastic toothbrushes and empty toothpaste tubes
  4. Empty dental floss containers
  5. Disposable razors and their packaging
  6. Blister packs, plastic scoops, and desiccants  
  7. Dead markers, mechanical pencils, and pens
  8. Empty glue sticks
  9. Brita filters, pitchers, and bottles as well as their plastic packaging
  10. Old plastic food storage containers (tupperware like)


Goal: to collect at least 10 lbs of accepted materials from home or your workplace from March 22 and April 22

1.    Get Ready
Review list of accepted items. Print the Ten for Ten label, fill it out, and set a box or bag aside to be your collection container 

2.    Collect
Start collecting accepted items. Mark on the label the type of items that you are collecting. Make sure all items are empty, clean, and dry. Collect items between March 22 and April 22.

3.   Pack Up
On April 22, weigh your collected waste and write the total weight on the label. Attach the label to the container but do NOT seal the collection container.

4.    Drop Off
Find drop-off days and sites. On drop-off day, between specified hours, take your container and filled-out label to the drop-off site of your choice. Thank you!

For Drop-off Sites

To become a drop-off site, fill out and submit a Ten For Ten Drop-off Site Registration form.

View a list of registered Drop-off Dates and Registered Sites.

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