Office/Recraft Bazaar: 270 Brevard Avenue - Cocoa, Florida - 32922     321-220-3379  

Office/Recraft Bazaar regular hours:  Sat 11am-5pm (always check our CALENDAR before planning a visit)

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Crafting with Friends

Recycle Brevard receives materials of all kinds. Those get stored in our Reuse Room waiting for teachers, students, artists, crafters, community groups, families and club members to come claim them.

This program is a way for us to extend the life of some of those materials and showcase how they can be transformed into beautiful, useful objects. All that in an enjoyable, friendly atmosphere.

Whether working with friends or looking to making new ones, the projects we select are simple enough that anyone can complete them and open enough for anyone to apply their own creativity and personal touch.

Because reusing materials can be fun!

Beyond Corks & Bottles

Our first event was at Lucky's in Melbourne. Crafters tasted wines served by Lucky's experts while working on their candle holder bottles.

In March 2019 we started this program at ClayZ where participants created their own version of the candle holders and some coasters as well.

This workshop is for adults (21+) only and may be booked at your location for your group of friends, neighbors, club members, family, clients, guests and whoever you would like to share some creative fun time with! If you have a date in mind, check our calendar and contact us to make arrangements.

Please, check our calendar and our Facebook Events page for upcoming public events.

Gift Boxes Workshop

Originally created for young kids, this workshop focuses on reusing boxes to make beautiful containers and gift boxes avoiding traditional, often not-so-eco-friendly, packaging.

Please, check our calendar and our Facebook Events page for upcoming events.

Waste Not, Make Art

Studio time open to all ages to create your masterpiece recycled art. We bring materials and some samples, but you decide what to make.

Dare combine materials, imagine, express yourself and your ideas through your art.

Please, check our calendar and our Facebook Events page for upcoming events.

Eco-Creative Toys and Games Workshop

Tired of playing the same games with the same toys? Create your own!

In this fun eco-friendly program, kids 4 to 11 years old will learn how to use ordinary materials to make toys and games. They will work on building and testing their pieces while applying their creativity to personalize their projects. Kids should dress for mess.

Reuse to Reduce

Learn how to reuse materials to help with your "reduce" endeavor. Make a reusable bag out of a favorite, old t-shirt. Next time you go shopping, take your bag with you and say "no" to plastic bags.

Make flowers out of plastic bags and decorate your living room or gift them to a friend. Reuse the bags creatively to make hand-made, unique pieces and skip that trip to the gift shop.

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